3D Operating System

Wave3D-OS is a Cooperative 3D-OS built to run along side every OS (Win, Mac, Linux, Android and iPhone) brings 3D navigation to every digital system.


Spatial Layout

Move into 3D structures that leverage your spatial intuition, and interact in real time with 3D Apps & Data. Map your computer to your imagination.


99% of Devices

Wave3D runs on both Desktops or Mobile devices, as it targets every major platform, to utilize any device desktop/laptop/mobile.

Wave3D is a Collaborative 3D-OS that runs along side the currently installed OS, giving the ability to easily transition between devices and platforms with Wave3D.





Unite your computers in a 3D MicroCloud utilizing multiple devices simultaneously. Build hybrid environments between your devices desktop/mobile.

Open an App on your desktop and take it with you as you move from your Laptop to Tablet or Phone.



Your computer can support multiple users, each with an independent station, allowing individual users simultaneous access. This gives a 3D-OS for each user, from one computer.

Attach an extra I/O (Keyboard Mouse Monitor) to turn your computer into multiple work stations.




Next Generation

The first principle of 3D vs 2D is that 3D gives the ability to display more data along with more interaction points in visual space. 3D opens a next level of Spatial Interfaces to map Natural Data, giving a larger view into Data relationships for intuitive access, along with a deeper understanding.






Each copy of Wave3D is a full user licence that allows you to multi-install Wave3D on every device you own with one copy

Load Wave3D onto computers at home & a mobile device in your pocket & then load it to a USB drive for school or work



Wave3D is built to have a slim footprint no-install is required just launch/run the main Icon

Wave3D can integrate into the underlying OS as much or as little as you like. Set Wave3D as the default desktop or just pop open a folder or file in 3D





Wave3D can give your phone a full desktop experience with the same rich functionality regardless of physical incarnation. You can transform a small mobile touch screen into a full desktop experience by plugging in a Monitor, Mouse and Keyboard.

This allows a mobile phone to function as a desktop system along with 3D apps.




3D Creativity

With the expansive nature of 3D-OS at your finger tips, even the most complex tasks can become easy. 3D creates digital interfaces that can map Data with spatial awareness. This allows for interfaces to become more complex in capability and simpler to use & understand.


Wave3D Text as Logo Wave3D Icon Logo


Boot your computer into 3D

Cooperatively runs alongside any OS

Multi-Device & Multi-User

99% Any Device & Any Platform

Wave3D is a portal to the Digital World

Micro Devices

Wave3D is built to only require a minimal amount of computer resources, targeting both normal computers and mobile devices.


Advanced I/O

Wave3D is designed to leverage new types of input, such as GamePads and physical tracking systems. Each represents a new ability or context for the 3D-OS.


Computers Under $100

Wave3D is built for future generations of micro computers between $20-$400. With average users needing a $100 computer.



Load Wave3D on 5-10 year old computers, don't throw them away. Wave3D can run on a Duel-Core with 2GB of RAM, no graphics card needed, use the built-in GPU.

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